Bircham Parish Council has a number of responsibilities which it oversees. These responsibilities include managing facilities and providing services for the benefit of residents. 

Recreation Ground

Bircham Recreation Ground is leased from Sandringham Estate and provides a large open space for residents to enjoy.   The facilities encompass a cricket pitch run by Bircham Cricket Club, goal posts and  a children's play area.  Please note that dogs are welcome so long as they are kept on a lead and any dog mess is cleared up.  A litter bin is also provided to ensure the area is kept clean and tidy.   


The planning authority is King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council.  The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications and local plans; this means the Parish Council makes comments and recommendations on planning matters, but does not make decisions on planning applications. 

Bus Shelter

The Bus Shelter is situated off  Lynn Road.  The brick built shelter was commissioned and donated to the  Parish by Bircham W.!. on land provided  by H.M. The Queen.   


The Parish Council has  four noticeboards around the Birchams.  The Parish Council will display meeting notices and agendas on these noticeboards.  Where there is room local residents are welcome to display details of activities and local events.   


The pond at Bircham Tofts is a tranquil space made available as open space with the kind permission of Sandringham Estate.  Various seats have been kindly donated so that you may sit and watch the ducks go by. Management of the pond is overseen by the Parish Council in partnership  with Sandringham Estate with the invaluable help of volunteers.

Street Lighting

The Parish Council looks after 10 street lights in Church Lane, Snettisham Road, Lynn Road and Stanhoe Road, please contact the Parish Council if those lights are out or not working properly.  If you live in other roads the street lights are maintained by  Norfolk County Council.

War Memorials

Bircham's  War Memorial commemorates the Parish's fallen of WWI and WWII.  More information is on  the Links section of the website.  There is also the Commonwealth Grave War Memorial at St Mary's Church (See link to site in Local Information). 

Jubilee Gardens

Jubilee Gardens is situated off  Lynn Road and is a small open space with two seats commemorating the reign of HM The Queen.   

Dog Bins

The law requires that everyone picks up after their dog and the Parish Council expects all dog owners to comply. In addition to dog owner's responsibilities to scoop the poop, the  Parish Council provides several dog bins to ensure the Recreation Ground is kept clear of dog mess. Another bin has also been provided on Bagthorpe Road.