The War Memorial at Great Bircham lists 18 men lost in the Great War 1914-1918 and in 2017 the Bircham Remembers project was formed by the Parish Council to honour their memory.   Residents and family members of the fallen attended the Armistice Eve Service on Saturday 10 November 2018 to remember the sacrifice of the  men and the families they left behind.  A ceramic wreath commissioned by the Parish Council was presented at the service and will be displayed in St Mary's Church. A key part of the project was the compilation and publication of  the research documenting the life and service of the fallen from Bircham.

In Memory of Bircham’s Fallen 
World War I (1914 - 1918) 

Eighteen Lives Cut Short. 
Eighteen young men transported from the fields and orchards of Norfolk to the mud and shells of the conflict on land and sea.  
We pay tribute to them as we discover more about the individuals whose names are etched on the village War Memorial. 
They made the ultimate sacrifice. We should remember them forever with humility and gratitude 

R Laing


The Parish Council  is grateful to Mr Ron Laing who meticulously carried out the research on Bircham's Fallen and those including the parish clerk at the time Mrs Philippa Sewell who assisted him with this project.   The Parish Council is also grateful to everyone who supported the project from the Summer Exhibition and  Poppy Workshop to the Armistice Eve Service.    A grant from Norfolk Community Foundation helped make this project possible.     

If you have any further information or photographs of Bircham's Fallen then we would be pleased to hear from you.